Pet Allergies and Gut Health – what’s the connection?

April 02, 2018

Pet Allergies and Gut Health – what’s the connection?

Does your pet struggle with allergies without relief?   Maybe it’s because they are being treated for the symptoms – not the root cause.

The root cause could very well be poor gut health and/or leaky gut. Leaky gut is just about what it sounds – the gut has been compromised therefore undigested food , bad bacteria and toxic waste can actually leak into the bloodstream.

The body does not recognize these and can create a response to try to manage these invaders. That response is what we might refer to as an allergic response – the itchiness, sneezing, compromised respiratory system and poor health.

Those symptoms can sometimes be controlled with antihistamine type products, but they do little to alleviate the core problem – a compromised microbiome – gut bacteria.   And sometimes they are not nearly effective as they should, because the real health issue isn’t being addressed.

Humans or pets can’t be healthy with a poor gut – it’s 70% of the immune system. So it makes sense to work on healing the gut. It may take a little time, but pets and humans have amazing ability to heal if they have the right support.


The microbiome is the bacterial and microbiota population in the gut and includes good and bad bacteria. The goal in good health is to support the good bacteria so it can out compete bad bacteria, and begin to function properly.

The #1 prevention is a good diet – grains and unnatural additives are the biggest culprits in compromising gut health. Meat based foods are the best, whether raw or processed, they’ll give your pet a good base.

But even good diets aren’t enough when pets are exposed to medications and antibiotics are the #1 medication that often damages the microbiome. It just makes sense – they kill all bacteria, good or bad. They are life saving no doubt but care needs to be taken to reestablish gut health when antibiotics have to be administered.

Modern lifestyles also compromise gut health – we are all exposed to toxins, disease, pollution and stress.

What’s the answer? Support gut health all the time. Get good food for your pet. And add a supplement to your pet’s diet that will really support the production of good bacteria.

 That’s the easiest way to make sure the gut stays healthy and the pets live a happier, stronger life, Of course – we recommend Pet SuperJuice for it’s powerful prebiotic formula that is easy to administer and so cost effective.

Get to the root cause - for allergy help and for a healthy life for your pet!

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