Pet SuperJuice For Ferrets

A Healthier Ferret and The Natural Answer to Litter Box Odor

Ferret Health

 What causes Ferret body and litter box odor?

You may be surprised. Of course we know that when we are talking about poop, there is odor involved. But some times, and with some pets the waste odor is gagging! It’s hard to ignore and can be embarrassing. But here’s the surprise – Odor starts in the ferret – not the litter box. So why focus on trying to coverup. Instead, treat your ferret to one of natures most profound health benefits and as a bonus – get rid of the worst of the smell.

 So how do you stop ferret waste and body odor before it gets started? By maximizing healthy digestion.

Most odor is caused by incomplete protein digestion.

More complete protein digestion eliminates stool odor. And better processing of protein works for body odor too!  A healthier ferret plus an ODOR FREE litter box. Your ferret will absorb more of the nutrients and protein – which equals a healthier cat. Wow, that’s a win-win.

70% Of the immune defense resides in the digestive tract
Digestive Health is Crucial for your Ferret’s well being!

Pet SuperJuice PREbiotic formula restores the digestive balance.

Revitalize - Your ferret’s best health and life with a powerful formula that is 100% safe, natural and organic.

Diarrhea -  Prevention and fast, effective 24-36 hour relief

Dramatic Odor Control - Dramatically improves Waste & Body Odor

Improved Immune Function

Gastric Support- Provide daily defense against a variety of gastric threats that ferrets face.

Sensational Show Appearance! With Optimal nutrient absorption they’ll have the best coats, skin and sparkling eyes.  A healthier ferret is an attractive ferret!

Fading -  Supports digestive system and immune function during times of stress.

Travel - Prevent & eliminate travel related diarrhea

Loss of energy, poor appetite - Helps
ferrets thrive during critical times

Improve Appetite for picky eaters

Recovery - Supports digestive system during injury
 and illness treatment and helps speed recovery.

Medication related gastro upsets - Supports antibiotic therapy.


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Loves it!

I started this 3 days ago. Our picky eater, Scooter, ate it right away! Good News....his poop does NOT SMELL!
Works FAST!!!