The In and Out of Cat Odor Control.

Revolutionary system works on odor BEFORE it gets started.  Neutralize, don't just cover up! A happier, healthier more odor free cat.

PREbiotic formula 1 - provides all the prebiotic benefits, which includes aiding the improved digestion of protein - the cause of much odor in waste.  Spray on food.

POW formula 2 - The biocatalytic natural urine neutralizer that works instantly and keeps on working. Spray on litter boxes, blankets, bedding, cages and crates.

BAM!  3 seconds a day and odor is dramatically improved! 

2 oz Pet SuperJuice for Cats, 2 oz POW Odor Spray and a great bonus toy for your sweet feline. 

Pet SuperJuice Ingredients: Water, condensed fish solubles, kelp, iron edta, zinc edta, copper edta, C, E and charcoal. Fermented in our proprietary process to create a Prebiotic. 

POW Incredients:  INGREDIENTS: Water, pelagic fauna solubles, diatomaceous earth, activated carbon, laminaria solubles, lignin yeast extract, lemon oil, anionic surfactant charcoal. Fermented in a proprietary process to create the unique POW formula.

Natural, Organic.