Joint & Hip

What does your dog live for?

To run, jump and be a typical dog.  As they age, this gets to be more of a problem.  Natural wear and tear cause pain and stiffness. 

What is the best way to treat joint and hip pain in dogs?

Prevent it!  Yes, you can start early to help them lessen deterioration and that's by

  1.  Keeping the body well nourished, which supports joint health
  2. Keeping the immune system in top condition, which helps prevent disease, illness and decline of every system - including joints.

How do you do that?  Science proves that gut health determines much of our immune system and health.  Of course, we believe that Agility Plus Joint and Hip that includes our digestive formula, is the answer. 

The Joint formula includes Glucosamine and other elements that are known to provide great joint health and other benefits.  Combined with the digestive formula, it's a powerful combo.  Better absorption of nutrients aids the joint health.  It's the synergistic effect of our formula that works so well: