Older Dogs

Helping your older dog stay healthy and strong.

Our older dogs have given us years of devotion and friendship and we want them to continue to have comfort, vitality and health.

 As canines age, they become more susceptible to a variety of symptoms and complaints that diminish quality of life.

What's the solution to older dog problems?

Since it is the core system - immune system - that is beginning to break down, the best way to create an overall healthier older dog is to keep the immune system at peak level. 

Good nutrition is so important at this age.  Foods without grains and or other allergy causing ingredients.  Based on real meat for the protein they need.  Regular exercise can help keep them active.  BUT, all of these efforts work so much better with a little help from the gut - a healthy gut equals a healthy immune system that is continually fighting the increased threats of an aging dog.

Just like humans, aging begins to create problems in the sensitivities in the gut, which makes Senior Dogs begin to experience gas, diarrhea and other tummy issues.  But the real worry is that these are indicators of poor gut health, which means your older furry family member is now more susceptible to health issues.

But, with a little help from Senior Defense - our PREbiotic formula for super gut health, formulated for a senior dog's special needs, it's so easy to make sure the gut is in optimal working condition.  It's gentle yet powerful for everyday protection.  This is when you can really see them GET THE WIGGLE BACK!  When they love their food - and Senior Defense naturally attracts their appetite - they get the nutrition they need.  Then, the prebiotic action multiplies their good bacteria, making their digestive process work better - and they feel better! 

Just a spray a day!