Pet Diarrhea

Pet Diarrhea – It’s Your Dooty to Know.Pet Diarrhea

Diarrhea can be simple and non-critical or it can be a symptom of serious disease. But any diarrhea is definitely a problem pet owners want to avoid.  Here's the real scoop on causes and concerns, plus easy ways to manage the "squirts"!

A common cause is stress diarrhea - simply the dog’s intestinal reaction to a change in their environment. – too much excitement, travel, food change – in other words the modern world. Canines have a simple and short digestive tract and with any change in routine they are quite susceptible to the “runs”.

Then there is diarrhea that’s more serious and that doesn’t clear up quickly or recurs frequently. This can from chronic digestive poor health. And the chronic type can be caused by many factors

Just to name a few. But at the core of all of these is an imbalance of good and bad bacteria. Either antibiotics/medication has stripped the good bacteria or the disease has created an environment that doesn’t allow the good bacteria to proliferate.

 A balance of both is essential to break the food down so that the nutrients can be absorbed through the intestinal wall, as well as to push along what’s left to be eliminated. The good bacteria get spent in the digestive process and need to be replaced daily to maintain optimum GI balance. Once the “bad bacteria” get the upper hand, they breed quickly and can lead to diarrhea. And once chronic diarrhea, which indicates poor gut health sets it, it needs to be healed addressed because it is very difficult for an animal to get well if their gut is not well.


 So taking care of the gut is crucial – to help heal diarrhea but also to prevent it, so the immune system stays healthy and to heal chronic diarrhea.

There are numerous remedies available and recommended by vets. One type is the digestive aide, incorporating beneficial bacteria to normalize the digestive system. There is a difference between a true digestive aide and many other diarrhea medications. Medications will put the brakes on the diarrhea for a short time but does not correct the underlying problem. In fact, some medications actually contribute to a continuing cycle because they interfere with the digestive process. Digestive aides go to the root of the problem, helping the body back into bacterial balance. Prebiotics have emerged as an effective and economical method and very easy to administer.

Another nice thing about using natural digestive aides is that you won’t have to withhold food, change foods or be concerned about contraindications with any other medications you might be giving.

Of course, we recommend Pet SuperJuice because it is safe, non-toxic, natural, organic and packed with the billions of good bacteria feeding PREbiotics needed to do a good job in helping the gut heal. Plus it is easy and economical.