Why Is A Healthy Gut Important For My Pet?

 Health Gut in Pets

The gut is 70% of the immune defense! 

All illness begins in the gut!  Allergies, diarrhea, poor immune system, weight issues, brain health - everything.  If you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  Our bodies are "fueled" by our food. 

Trillions of beneficial bacteria are needed to “compete” within the digestive system with bad bacteria (pathogens, the harmful bacteria that makes pets sick). These good bacteria 

  1. Stimulate the immune system
  2. Compete with bad bacteria for nutrients so they can’t survive
  3. Facilitate digestion of nutrients so that pets can stay healthy and strong
  4. Help keep hormones in balance
  5. Keep digestion function adequate to ward off gas, bloating, excessive waste smell and yeast overgrowth.

 I feed my pet a good diet - isn't that enough?

Many factors can upset the balance in intestinal flora: Change in diet, poor diet or modern diet, illness, antibiotics, travel and stress.   It doesn’t take much for the delicate balance to start to get out of wack. And it can be nearly impossible to maintain the optimal intestinal flora balance in a modern world.

A good diet is wonderful, but even then, we hear of really great pet foods that have salmonella, etc.  And we expose our pets to modern toxins as well as humans and other animals that can carry disease.  We also sneak in treats, take our pets on trips...the modern life.  So our pets gut health is under attack just as ours is.

How do you make certain that my pet has good gut health?

The best way is to make sure your pets have plenty of good bacteria.  Medical science has finally caught up with the fact that we NEED good bacteria, so many doctors now prescribe probiotics.  Did you know that there is something even better? PREbiotics


What is a Prebiotic?

You've heard of probiotics by now.  They are live bacteria - friendly bacteria.   Probiotics  replenish levels of those organisms that live naturally in the gut - where they help with digestion and prevent an overgrowth of more harmful organisms. PREbiotics are the next wave – and they hold even more promise. PREbiotics take a more direct approach – they are the food that the good bacteria already in the your gut feed on.

The Advantage of PREbiotics

Probiotics have difficulty surviving - while in storage, shipment and after ingestion. The acid conditions and body temperature in the intestinal system is often lethal to many probiotics. So, when a probiotic, like yogurt is eaten, one can’t really be sure what quantity of those live bacteria are going to live and reach the colon.

 Fortunately, there’s Pet SuperJuice for Dogs, Cats & Ferrets. This highly concentrated PREbiotic has ingredients and formulation based on scientific research. It’s extremely easy to use plus very economical.

A few of the benefits of Pet SuperJuice

  1. A shield of protection to keep immune system healthy
  2. Support during recovery of any illness
  3. Odor Control – take the odor out of waste before it happens
  4. Senior pets – reduce digestive problems and help them absorb their nutrients better for longer lives.
  5. Gas - less noxious fumes!
  6. Diarrhea – the number one Googled dog problem
  7. Antibiotic therapy – compliment to prevent digestive upset
  8. Every time your pet travels - keep travel and stress diarrhea under control.
  9. Overweight Pets
  10. Underweight Pets
  11. Pets that will be changing diet
  12. Pets that are finicky and won’t eat well. 
  13. Pets that have corphragia – eat their poop
  14. Pets with allergies – may be well be caused by digestive problems. At the least, the improved nutrient absorption will assist them.
  15. Surgery of Medication - both cause digestive upset - keep them healthier through treatment.