Pet Odor


What causes pet odor? 

The answer may amaze you! 

Find out the real culprits and how to eliminate them.

 Sure there are a few external causes - like dogs that love to roll in poo.  But that's not the main problem that owners have. 

It's that smelly litterbox or gagging farts, not to mention some pretty rank breath and body odor.  We love our pets and want to get up close but seriously sometimes its hard to do.

 The main source of odor in pets is poorly digested food! 

Undigested protein is a leading cause of odor in poop - for any animal.  YES - that's the truth.  The pet's digestive system is intended to process and use all the nutrients in the food they eat.  Often, because of a variety of reasons, much of the nutrients pass through - ending up in really smelly poop or gas, even breath and body odor. 

What is the solution for odor in pets?

A healthy digestive system!  Nutrients are absorbed, they don't come out into poop.  They don't create an overpowering body odor.  The good digestive system helps pets have amuch easier time digesting so they don't have so much of that noxious gas.  Ready for all the benefits of a health digestive system?

  1. Poop becomes much more odor free
  2. LESS POOP!  Did we say less poop?  Yes, when nutrients are absorbed, less comes out.
  3. Firmer poop - hold on, what?  Yes, better digestion creates more solid, well formed stools.  If you walk your dog and use puppy bags - oh my goodness, it's fabulous.  If you have large dogs that poo in your yard - oh my goodness.
  4. Breath and body odor - skin is a detoxer, much of what we eat can effect odor.  If it is processed correctly - and neutralized in a way - there's less of that strong odor.
  5. Better nutrient absorption - so a healthier pet!  They need those nutrients, they shouldn't have them pass through. 

We believe Pet SuperJuice is the easiest, most economical AND most effective at digestive help, just a spray a day.

How can you control litterbox odor?

The short answer is better digestive function for the internal odor and a hard working, nontoxic spray for the urine odors in the litterbox.   

Since the spray you put into a litterbox, also is in the air, where pets, children and adults will be breathing, doesn't it make sense to use a natural spray?  To try and cover up odor many litterbox odor controllers use heavy perfumes.  It's much safer and more effective to neutralize odor.  We recommend our biocatalytic PET ODOR WONDER.  Instantly neutralizes the urine and feces smell, then continues to work - and has a cumulative effect.

Odor isn't a necessity - using nature and science it can be virtually eliminated without harming you or the environment!