Breeders 1 Gallon Pet SuperJuice for Dogs PLUS 1 15-Pack PSJ for Dogs 2 oz

SAVE OVER $200!! on the PSJ SuperPac.  Spectacular deal by buying in bulk. Plus, the gallon qualifies for over $100 purchase - FREE SHIPPING!

Get 1 Gallon - a $575 value for just $359 - PLUS the 15 Pk, a $134 value. 

Enhance your puppies health from birth to new home!  The best way to keep your babies healthy is prevention with our immune boosting PREbiotic that's easy to use and costs just pennies a day.  Use Pet SuperJuice for all your kennel and send one 2 oz home with every new puppy so they have an easier, healthier transition to new homes. 

Prevent & Treat Diarrhea


Better Nutrient Absorption

Immune System Support

Antibiotic Therapy rebound

Food Taste Enhancement

Less Waste - Easier Cleanup

Odor Control - Dramatically improved waste odor

Gut health is 70% of your dogs immune system. Puppies have undeveloped immune systems through the first year - support it with great gut health and avoid fading.  A boosted immune system makes them less susceptible to disease.

Natural and organic with absolutely no contraindications and non-toxic, gluten free. No concerns about using Pet SuperJuice on the smallest newborns.

So easy and economical. Just pennies and day and it just takes a few sprays right on food.  Pretreat in bulk for easier application.

Use every single day to help maintain your dog’s good health, but is especially useful for dogs that are undergoing significant stresses, such as surgery, illness recovery, whelping, weaning and food transition.

Weaning  Help your babies breeze through weaning - the taste attracts pups, so they're eager to eat.  The PREbiotic benefits help them digest food better so they continue to build strong bones and bodies, without tummy upset.

Instructions:       2 and 4 oz Bottles - One spray per cup of food or add two sprays per cup of drinking water. Needs no refrigeration.

12 oz.  1 spray per 5 cups of food.  You can treat the whole 50 lbs bag of food at one time and it will not spoil or lose effectiveness.  Mist over kibble as it is poured into a container.  Pet SuperJuice is strong and effective enough that you do not need to coat every kibble. 

1 Gallon - Refill 2, 4 or 12 oz bottles and spray according to bottle size directions.

Ingredients: Water, condensed fish solubles, kelp, iron edta, zinc edta, copper edta, C, E and charcoal. Fermented in a proprietary process to create our unique prebiotic.

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