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Pet SuperJuice for Cats

A Healthier Cat and The Natural Answer to Litter Box Odor

Healthy Cats

 What causes litter box odor?

You may be surprised. Odor starts in the cat – not the litter box. So why focus on trying to coverup. Instead, treat your cat to one of natures most profound health benefits and as a bonus – get rid of the worst of the smell.

 So how do you stop cat odor before it gets started? By maximizing healthy digestion.

Most odor in waste is caused by incomplete protein digestion.

More complete protein digestion eliminates stool odor. A healthier cat plus an ODOR FREE litter box. Your cat will absorb more of the nutrients and protein – which equals a healthier cat. Wow, that’s a win-win.

Pet SuperJuice is natural and organic, gentle for your cat and kind to the environment

 Immune System Booster * Nutrient & Vitamin Absorption * Taste Enhancer * Healthy Weight Aide   Diarrhea Prevention * Illness Prevention.   All of that and odor free too.

Pet SuperJuice is a PREbiotic formula and works by dramatically increasing beneficial bacteria in the digestive system that fights illness. It is the easiest & most cost effective way to insure your kittens and cats are protected.

 Provide Pet SuperJuice Wellness Formula every day throughout their life to help insure a long, healthy relationship.

 Solves many common problems that owners experience with cat health, kitten stress and transition. PLUS aides cats to achieve optimal health throughout their lives. Great for illness recovery. Use daily for health maintenance and odor control.

 Use PET SUPERJUICE prebiotic formula every day for digestive balance and immune system support.

 Pet SuperJuice is virtually indestructible and does not require refrigeration. Pretreat food weeks ahead of feeding and still maintain effectiveness.   Pet SuperJuice is natural and non-toxic, so you may use it with any food or medications.

 2 and 4 oz Bottles 1 spray per cup

12 oz. Bottle: Great for bulk treatment. Estimate the number of cups and apply recommended number of sprays to food as it is added to feed containers, using a sweeping motion. One spray from 12 oz bottle treats approximately 5 cups of food. 15 sprays treats a 50 lb. bag of food.

Kittens: Every kitten will experience stress as they transition to a new home. Stress greatly impacts the digestive system. Just like a human baby, a kitten’s immune and digestive systems are not fully developed so they are more susceptible to stress symptoms and disease.. Pet SuperJuice for Cats is the perfect health protector for a great start.


Ingredients: Water, condensed fish solubles, kelp, iron edta, zinc edta, copper edta, C, E and charcoal. Fermented in our proprietary process to create a Prebiotic. 

Natural, Organic.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I can already tell a differnce

I ordered a free sample (just pay shipping). I have been using it almost a week and can tell a difference. My litter boxes aren't at strong smelling. My cats have no issue with me spraying the food as they watch!

Cheryl Brooks

I love the fact that all my fur babies are so playful and healthy! Even their coats are absolutely gorgeous since using the spray! I have recommended it to all my family and friends!!