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Pet SuperJuice for Dogs

All Natural and Organic          

Pet SuperJuice Prebiotic– the Super Hero formula that restores and protects. Fights 10 canine issues and protects for a healthier, longer life.



Better Nutrient Absorption

Immune System Support


Antibiotic Therapy rebound

Food Taste Enhancement

Less Waste, Breath & Body Odor


Less Waste - Easier Cleanup


How does it work? The Pet SuperJuice PREbiotic is a superhero of gut health.

Gut health is 70% of your dogs immune system. So life depends on and is maintained by a healthy gut. Pet SuperJuice promotes growth of good bacteria in the digestive system. It works when other digestive formulas and probiotics can be ineffective due to different ways of functioning.. Better digestions means better health, less waste and even reduced waste odor.

Natural and organic with absolutely no contraindications and non-toxic, gluten free.

So easy and economical. Just pennies and day and it just takes a few sprays right on your super dog’s food.

Use Pet SuperJuice for Dogs every single day to help maintain your dog’s good health, but is especially useful for dogs that are undergoing significant stresses, such as surgery, illness recovery, whelping, weaning and food transition.

 For those dogs and their owners that enjoy performance sports like hunting and agility, there’s no better time to keep up their good health and vitality with Pet SuperJuice. Helps dogs builder stronger bones, muscle and tissue due to better nutrient absorption.

It’s also a great additive for picky eaters. In field trials, pets were shown to choose food with SuperJuice added, over identical food offered with no Pet SuperJuice.

Pet SuperJuice for Dogs is not just another enzyme or vitamin, but a unique supplement that will help to maintain health in dogs, while helping to control odor, making homes or pet stores more inviting.

Instructions:       2 and 4 oz Bottles - One spray Pet SuperJuice for Dogs per cup of food or add two sprays per cup of drinking water. Needs no refrigeration.

12 oz.  1 spray of Pet SuperJuice for dogs per 5 cups of food.  You can treat the whole 50 lbs bag of food at one time and it will not spoil or lose effectiveness.  Mist over kibble as it is poured into a container.  Pet SuperJuice is strong and effective enough that you do not need to coat every kibble. 

Ingredients: Water, condensed fish solubles, kelp, iron edta, zinc edta, copper edta, C, E and charcoal. Fermented in a proprietary process to create our unique prebiotic.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Linda Booth
really great product!

When we got our 1st puppy--this product was given to us---we never ever had a problem with loose poop or gas or bad tummy!! We have used for his 13 1?2 years and now also use for his 2 year old brother!!

Elizabeth Boeshore
Love SuperJuice BUT

Have been waiting 3 weeks for new order and cannot get a response 🙄 from the company 🙄



Elizabeth Boeshore

Been using for over 12 years!! Amazing product !

Marie Pileci

Hasn’t changed diarrhea or increased her appetite.