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The answer to urine and pet odor is here in a pet and environmentally safe organic formula.   Knockout fierce odor with POW! (Pet Odor Wonder) If you’ve tried everything to get rid of urine odor without the results you want – an odor free home – then prepare to be amazed.

POW is a revolutionary, bio-catalytic, odor eliminator that instantly neutralizes urine on contact.   Because of the unique ingredients and formula POW doesn’t just mask odor – it totally elminates by breaking down odor causing bacteria, getting to the source of the problem.

LITTER BOX ODOR - Instantly eliminate urine odor by spraying litter, litter box, liners and pads. Helps extend the life of the litter for fewer litter changes.

HABITATS – Completely neutralize body, waste and urine odor in bedding, cages, pee pads, crates and kennels.

FOR EVERY CRITTER – Mice, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, birds, dogs, cats, ferrets, sugar gliders, pigs, sheep, goats, horses – and any other pet you have!

EASY TO USE – With POW there’s no hassle – no more sprinkling or wiping hard to reach corners. Just lightly mist POW over the area.   Super concentrated formula takes just a couple of spritzes per day to keep odor out.

ECONOMICAL – Each 4 oz bottle contains 375 sprays.

SAFE – The organic formula means that you can feel good about using POW in your pet’s areas and in your home.

INGREDIENTS: Water, pelagic fauna solubles, diatomaceous earth, activated carbon, laminaria solubles, lignin yeast extract, lemon oil, anionic surfactant charcoal. Fermented in a proprietary process to create the unique POW formula.

100% Guaranteed!


4 Oz Bottle - 350 sprays.  Mist over litterbox, habitat, blankets or bedding.  Instant Odor Relief.  Keeps on working for a healthier, odor free box.

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Cheryl Brooks

My my my!!! Best stuff for controlling litter box odors!!! I spray the litter AND the little filters on the top!!! This stuff is like liquid magic in a spray!!! Just wish I could get a bigger bottle!!!