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Senior Defense

Older dogs can get the wiggle back!

Senior Defense for Senior Dogs

Getting older doesn't have to mean losing the joy of life - running, jumping, enjoying food.  Having that sparkle and wag! 

Senior Defense is the most natural yet powerful way to fight back against the common signs of aging in dogs. 

  • Diarrhea, loose stools - Gas and more bouts of diarrhea
  • Immune System – More illness and sensitivities, more frequent trips to the vet.
  • Skin and Coat – Natural aging can take a toll on once shiny coats and there may be more skin flare-ups and hot spots
  • Appetite – Showing poor interest in food.
  • Allergies - More susceptibility to grass and food allergies
  • Lethargy - lack of interest in exercise and play.

Many older dog symptoms may be linked to the same thing - poor gut health!

The gut is an amazing part of the body - designed to process food but also it's the first defense against many threats.  In fact, the gut is 70% of the immune system!

That's why so many issues can be a results of poor gut health, and on the other hand, can be helped by boosting function.

Senior Defense if a Natural, Organic PREbiotic that selectively stimulates the good bacteria in the gut.  It works rapidly and effectively, due to the nature of PREbiotic action.

Yet it is gentle, non-toxic with no contraindications.  Gluten Free. 

Just a few sprays day for pennies can dramatically improve the core gut system and work in many areas of concern.


Better Nutrient Absorption

Immune System Support

Diarrhea Prevention and Treatment

Antibiotic Therapy rebound

Food Taste Enhancement

Less Waste, Breath & Body Odor


Less Waste - Easier Cleanup


Instructions:       2 and 4 oz Bottles - One spray per cup of food or add two sprays per cup of drinking water. Needs no refrigeration.

12 oz.  1 spray per 5 cups of food.  You can treat the whole 50 lbs bag of food at one time and it will not spoil or lose effectiveness.  Mist over kibble as it is poured into a container.  Pet SuperJuice is strong and effective enough that you do not need to coat every kibble. 

Ingredients: Water, condensed fish solubles, kelp, iron edta, zinc edta, copper edta, C, E and charcoal. Fermented in a proprietary process to create our unique prebiotic.